Maria Del Rey's Pitch Blueprint


Whether you want to expand your business, sell a new product, raise capital, land a sought-after position, or found a brand-new company, you're going to have to pitch. 


To some that seems easy, to many others it sounds beyond daunting. 

After witnessing thousands of pitches, I can tell you that no matter the ease or upset of the speaker, 90% of their pitches fell flat. Many knew their facts or had products with potential, and yet their deals never came through. That's because most people have no idea how to pitch! And it's not too surprising, as pitching is a skill that can take decades to hone on experience alone. Not to mention that there are very few classes related to the pitch and I have yet to find anything insightful when scouring the free offerings of the internet. 

That's why I've created Pitch Blueprint. I've honed my own pitching skills through over 40 years as a producer and entrepreneur. I've developed strategies, simplified formulas, and, most importantly, examined the socio-emotional side of pitching. 


Pitch Blueprint includes 22 Video Lessons that cover:

  • How to ace the different kinds and lengths of pitch
  • How to tailor your pitch on the fly or prepare to deliver your pitch in a formal setting
  • What to include in your pitch, and what to avoid
  • Strategies to maintain control over an unruly room
  • How to assess the wants and needs of those you are pitching, and how to address those wants and needs in your pitch
  • Tips to help you network, develop long-term relationships with potential investors, and manage your professional image


This course comes with a full 7-Day Money Back Guarantee, so if you decide that Pitch Blueprint isn't the right fit for you during that first week, there's no risk!

Throughout this course, you'll learn to develop the perfect pitch for your product, your business, or yourself. Pitch Blueprint will provide the tools you need to become a master communicator in your field. 

Don't wait! Pitch Blueprint is available now, so take the first step toward a better career, today.




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