Communicate With The 10 Influential Archetypes

 What's the best way to approach a pitch? It all depends on who you're pitching.

Pitching is all about connecting and communicating well with another person. Since no two personalities or company creeds are exactly alike, there is no one catch-all way to approach your pitch.

In this video course, you'll learn the best methods to communicate with each of the 10 Influential Archetypes. You'll gain the insight to shape your pitch on a dime, framing it to match each individual's personal and professional motivators. No matter your product, company, or career aspiration, the methods in this course can help you get heard.


What's Included:

  • 10 video episodes detailing the 10 archetypes you'll encounter when you're pitching.
  • Clues on how to spot each of these individuals
  • What motivates each archetype and how to frame your pitch to meet their needs
  • An example walkthrough of each of the 10 pitches, with tips and tricks to help you get it right!


With Communicate With The 10 Influential Archetypes, you'll achieve a new understanding of the socio-emotional side of business communication. Don't wait! Sign up today and take the next vital step toward your career goals.


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