Pitch, Persuade, Network & Win

Maria Del Rey's Pitch Blueprint

  Whether you want to expand your business, sell a new product, raise capital, land a sought-after position, or...

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Maria Del Rey 'Pitch Doctor' Private Consultation

Award winning master producer Maria Del Rey take a few one time consults with her students to refine a pitch, work ou...

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Communicate With The 10 Influential Archetypes

 What's the best way to approach a pitch? It all depends on who you're pitching. Pitching is all about con...

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6 Painless Networking Tips

A lot of people get overwhelmed at the thought of sharing their ideas in networking situations. Maybe your an introve...

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5 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Pitch

Let's talk about the 5 huge mistakes that can kill your pitch. Even the seasoned pros can fall into these traps from...

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