'Love in Action,' by Latin Grammy Award Nominee Maria Elizabeth Del Rey is a vibrant and empowering one-of-a-kind concert event for the entire families, with positive, comforting ideas for trying times. 


Love in Action uses the power of music-visual-storytelling through a step-by-step song cycle to show how children and families can be ambassadors of goodwill.


The work brings children, songs, and visuals on how to be supportive and empathetic towards communities that may feel marginalized or misunderstood.


The backbone ideas of the song cycle come from empirically proven scientific research in the fields of socio-emotional, social justice and brain science studies from The Harvard Center for the Developing Child, UNICEF principles, The University of Pennsylvania, and inspirational leaders throughout the work of social justice. Del Rey transforms the data into a beautiful inspirational song-cycle of music and art imagery through the thoughtful lens of her award-winning family music artistry.


Families and young people can experience the building blocks of ideas that create a joyful inclusion in our emerging multi-ethnic global community.


Maria Elizabeth Del Rey's empowering song-cycle documents her experience of how she began to transform the challenge of prejudice as a young person, into a positive life of empowerment and life-giving choices. Del Rey's journey is an important story to share with young people to inspire Love in Action!

Our show has no political or religious agenda; instead, the show unites our shared humanity in an empowered and joyful manner.


¡Amor en Acción!

Maria Elizabeth Del Rey


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