Growing up poor and invisible in the US after the Cuban revolution, we find a little girl with musical talent living in the barrios of Miami. In the early sixties, Maria Elizabeth Del Rey mentored by James McCall an African American music teacher, who marched alongside Martin Luther King Jr. McCall started a classical orchestra with a group of multiracial children in Miami and taught them practical and virtuous skills to get out of the barrio. Maria blossomed and took that jet fueled encouragement to be the founder of ChildGood and grow the program The Bridge-El Puente across the Americas.

Latin Grammy-Award Nominated Recording Artist and producer Maria Del Rey leads a multi-year, thirty-six city US National tour to celebrate the diverse and varied cultures of Latin America for families and children in the formative years.

 The recent political divide in our country reveals the true nature of how frightening bigots and bullies can be to young culturally 'invisible' children. The tour encountered sabotage from hate mongering bigots to a backstage death threat.

The 'Bridge used the alchemy of bilingual songs from the Hispanic culture and taught them to groups of privileged 'white' children. These children then performed them to the Hispanic community to sold out 2000 seat performing arts centers. The electricity of the "Bridge" of understanding made a lasting impression on 67,500 children who participated in this program and millions online and TV.

This happy breakthrough of cultural celebration, social justice in action and the notable factor of respect towards the Hispanic children in the community and schools garnered accolades, progress, and many notable awards.

The Bridge: El Puente tour created over 6.5 million impressions and reached 67,500 children at concerts, and millions of viewers via Univision, Televisa and Network TV as well as NPR radio across The Americas. The average performing arts center venue size of the tour was 1500 to 2,000 seats. The tours regularly sold out and often added two to four shows per city, sometimes reaching 90% of the children 3 to 8 years of age in many communities.

Producer: ChildGood Films

Editor: Dan Swietlik ( Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth and Micheal Moore "Sicko" )

Style: Live Action Family Documentary Film

Format: 1 x 90min film 

Status: In development 

Delivery: Fall 2019


Family Documentary Film

Family Watch Together

Feel Good Family Non-Fiction 

Social and Cultural Documentary Film

Girl Empowerment themes

Inclusive, LGBTQ+ Friendly Content

Cultural Edutainment for Boys


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