Courage, vision and wild-eyed optimism triumph over bullies, bullets, and bigots as a young refugee girl musically lifts herself out of the barrio to reach for her dreams to build a cultural bridge of understanding for children around the world.

My Name Is Maria is an inspirational family documentary film for children everywhere about the true story of Latin Grammy Award-nominated recording artist and family media producer Maria Elizabeth Del Rey. The film spans the years Maria spent musically muscling her way out of poverty and unfettered bigotry, into a career ‘singing freedom’ to at-risk Hispanic children in poverty-stricken, disadvantaged communities. Rising above humble beginnings and almost impossible odds, Maria ventures deep into the face of bigotry, shunning and hatred to find and offer better solutions for youth, families, and educators.

The film documents the joys, the award-winning music, and the tough lessons learned through untiring work in communities throughout the Americas with the Bridge: El Puente tour from 2003 to 2011. Maria and her team faced towering cultural divides, bigotry and the occasional death threat to keep things ‘real’. The tour faced continual opposition from bigots and bullies of all walks of life, including those of wealth and education. 

My Name Is Maria offers immediate, practical solutions that create hope and encourage action for children and families who want to make a positive difference. It’s for the child who dreams to rise beyond her circumstances, and for families who want to surmount the tide of hatred and fear that has risen in many communities.

Through her persistence, optimism and her breaking of cultural barriers, Maria inspires children, families, and educators with a refreshing, positive worldview to turnaround the increasingly negative view of Hispanic people and culture.

This film presents empirical, positive psychology solutions that deal with hatred and negativity. Maria shares fresh, social justice insight into how to 'bust prejudice' at its core and dissolve the pattern of bullies. These positive solutions can benefit all children and families.

The Bridge: El Puente tour created over 6.5 million impressions and reached 67,500 children at concerts, and millions of viewers via Univision, Televisa and Network TV as well as NPR radio across The Americas. The average performing arts center venue size of the tour was 1500 to 2,000 seats. The tours regularly sold out and often added two to four shows per city, sometimes reaching 90% of the children 3 to 8 years of age in many communities.

Producer: ChildGood Films

Style: Live Action Family Documentary Film / Series

Format: 1 x 90min film 

Status: In development 

Delivery: Fall 2019


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