Dear Friends,

I wanted to make an important fact known about my namesake;

Maria Elizabeth Del Rey

My name has absolutely nothing to do with the adult fiction writer pseudonym of the British porn writer that goes by the same name Maria Del Rey to sell his adult fiction book series published by Penguin Books. No attempt on the publisher and writer have been made to clarify the difference of our identities. As a matter of fact, many covers portray a likeness to me to further create confusion with the raven-haired models on his covers. 

This has been a problem for decades and no amount of legal investment has rendered a permanent solution. Each time they find a new publisher for their books the problems begins anew. Like cancer regrowth, he does not reveal his true identity, does not post as a writer and is completely hidden, but uses the momentum of my campaigns to families as a cover of confusion to advance his own novel sales. 

The simplicity of this little letter may help you know directly from me that I am NOT an adult fiction writer from England.

This is me, Maria Elizabeth Del Rey, I create Family Media.


This is NOT me, I do NOT create adult fantasy fiction.


Thank you,

Maria Elizabeth Del Rey

Family Media Publisher, Producer, Recording Artist

CEO ChildGood



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