Maria Del Rey is here to educate you and your company on business communication. Her live event, The Bridge, conveys this information in an entertaining concert-seminar format. With clarity, humor, and compassion, MDR offers an 'enlightened view' of what is possible for you and your team when you enhance your business communications. 

The Bridge is modern and inclusive, bringing awareness and serving the evolution of our present day global climate with emerging female, minority, and gender-fluid leaders. The Bridge is offered as a 2-hour power event and an all day in-depth residency, so you can choose the option that's right for you and your company.


"That was a most delightful morning...You deserve, have earned, each scintilla of praise you receive. Not only was I impressed with your obvious talent, but also with your knowledge and study of the many interwoven aspects you cover (music, teaching, multiple languages and cultures, interpersonal communication) and your ability to not only know how to communicate eloquently and with ease on such a breadth of topics, but to embody them in the whole of your presentation. You spoke of empowering and nurturing, and this you did for everyone at every age and intellectual level who was there in attendance. You are a shining example of all you profess. It was, in short, delightful. On behalf of all those in attendance and from all six campuses, my sincerest thanks.”

Royston Thomas Associate Dean, Special Projects Los Angeles Community Colleges, CREATE LA


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