Maria Del Rey, is an award-winning media producer and publisher. She has released over 60 international media titles in multiple languages, in both the family media and creative-entreprenuer business markets.

Her latest creations include the video seminar Pitch Blueprint and a selection of online masterclasses, all of which are geared to help you find success communicating in the ever-changing business landscape. Her work provides tools to entrepreneurial individuals, the black sheep creatives, and anyone who considers themself an "industry outsider" to connect, persuade, and win in their careers.



Del Rey, founded and published ChildGood Magazine, The Journal for Creative Families. The magazine grew to reach thousands of readers in 50 countries and was featured on Apple's 'Whats Hot List' for over 170 weeks. MDR is also an accomplished video and music producer. She is responsible for more than 60 internationally-distributed units of music, videos, and children’s educational books in 6 different languages in collaboration with Time Warner, Disney, Hampton Brown, Random House and Family Circus, and many more. 

Among many honors and awards, MDR is a Latin Grammy Award Nominated producer and four-time Parents Choice Award Winner of Gold and Silver and honorable mention awards. She was also invited to represent the children of Latin America at the United Nations Global Peace Initiative for Women in Geneva, Switzerland.



Maria Del Rey is inspired to share her business expertise because she knows just how hard it can be to break into an industry. The information MDR shares is specific to people who are not the 'privileged few.' Her vision is to blast open the fields of creative entrepreneurship, in business sectors formally 98% male dominated.

Starting a new business or taking your career to the next level can seem impossible, but Del Rey has the expertise and tools to help you accomplish your goals.



 "Maria Del Rey is the real thing!" 
Los Angeles Times

"Del Rey delivers...She is a stellar talent" 

"For those of us that are privileged to know a little more about her (Maria Del Rey), she is also a well-organized producing, writing, and marketing machine. Most important of all, she is a warm ray of sunshine in any room she enters."

Jim Shaw Producer Songwriter 
Buck Owens, Ringo Starr, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood

"Maria is an extraordinary multidimensional woman, mother, performer, chief visionary officer, and strategic planner." 

Jeff Hutner, New Paradigm Digest Founder


“As the executive editor of Living Language, a division of Random House, Inc. which focuses on producing and publishing text and audio materials for language learners. “I’ve had ample opportunity to work with Maria Del Rey. Maria’s professionalism, her ever-present enthusiasm for her work, her sensitivity for our specific needs, and her impeccable style make it a pleasure to do business with her. Maria never hesitates to go the extra mile to please her customers and therefore I have no doubt that she will succeed in any endeavor she may embark upon."

Helga Schier Ph.D - Executive Editor, Living Language, Random House


”Congratulations on your extraordinary achievements. Your presence in this book and your legacy as a role model for young girls will help to assure a future filled with impressive women leaders throughout the common wealth."

Leslie Stiles, Former Director, The Pennsylvania Commission for Women



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