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Explore the world of positive, social justice through family media.

Hello, my name is Maria Elizabeth Del Rey, and I'm a family media producer. Since 1991 I have curated a unique brand of media that marries the fresh articulation of social justice with positive psychology in the family media marketplace. Our award-winning work includes a Latin Grammy Award Nomination, Four Parents' Choice Gold and Silver Awards among many other notable honors.


Our newest creative work for 2019 is My Name Is Maria, an original family documentary film that inspires and empowers parents and children as it introduces fresh social justice solutions based upon the latest findings in brain research. The film celebrates the music and cultures of Latin America as the young Cuban refugee Maria overcomes bullets, bullies and bigots to become an award-winning, bi-lingual, family media producer and artist.


ChildGood Magazine, Journal for Positive Families Most work in the family parenting field, relies upon only one Ph.D.'s opinion. Often the ideas are dated, and much of today’s media uses derivative, cliche, non-inclusive, binary thinking. Media tends to regurgitate old expired ideas much like the Victorians continued to promote the use of leeches as cutting-edge tech. Lol! Much of the content taught today in schools and parenting books promotes antique ideas - some even from the Victorian age. ChildGood draws its data foundation architecture from the latest proven empirical studies in the field of positive psychology, primarily from the University of Pennsylvania and the Harvard University Center for the Developing Child. There are many new and brilliant brain studies that revolutionize our understanding of child learning. ChildGood is dedicated to creating media that supports the healthy growth of children and families in today’s world.


The Hello Amigos Pop-Up Tour brings family, friends, and communities together through various day or week-long residencies in major cities at top-secret Pop-Up venues. We prepare an exciting exhibit of film, edutainment, interactive screen installations, community children's forum, and the live concert event. For decades Maria Elizabeth Del Rey has produced award-winning media for families while winning numerous major awards, honors and worldwide recognition in her field of positive family media. The works include Latin Grammy-Award Nominated "Lullabies of Latin America", Parents' Choice Gold Award "The Peanut Man" and 2019's newest title "Hello Amigos".


Early 2019 brings our latest offering, The ChildGood Club, with a wide array of family masterclasses to learn the latest, thoughtful, cutting-edge techniques to combat bullies, hatred, mis-communication and other family life issues. Through fun songs and play we delve into fresh new territory to build positive communication and healthy boundaries for children in the formative years. We deal with powerful techniques to create the positive evolution of families. We help families advance the social justice conversation throughout the globe with fresh language that articulates our modern, mixed society moving forward to nourish our next generation of adults.













The Hello Amigos 2019-2021 World Tour will visit 60 cities across the globe over a span of three years. Hello Amigos will visit unique venues that allow for children to discover more about social justice in a unique performance and living social justice museum environment. Children, educators and families can experience how to cultivate the practice of elevated communication with friends, families and their community. 




















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ChildGood Magazine, offers you rich, multi-media formats and timeless wisdom in a variety of must-know topics. In-depth articles and expert instructional videos inform and inspire creative entrepreneurs, professional artisans and world-class performers, artisans, tech inventors, writers, and creative professionals who face the challenges of balancing good parenting and successful careers. ChildGood seeks to inspire these professionals to master the art of parenting and the parenting of their art. ChildGood Magazine is offline for a few weeks getting a fresh new reboot for 2019. Be sure to sign up and we will send you a special VIP invitation for our launch.

The ChildGood Club

The grand reveal of The ChildGood Club will be in early 2019. First up are the social emotional, social justice and positive family masterclasses that teach the latest elevated communication techniques. They are designed for your family and friends of all ages to deepen your connection, meaning and the mutual success of your family pod. These fun and entertaining lessons are custom designed based upon the most recent brain studies, positive psychology empirical study findings, and imaginative play scenarios to bring multi-generational connection.

The ChildGood Club is Coming Soon!









Maria Elizabeth Del Rey 

Award-Winning Media Since 1991

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" "Maria Del Rey is the real thing!" "

Doug Adrianson
The Los Angeles Times

""Del Rey delivers...She is a stellar talent." "

Top Ten Best Family Titles

""That was a most delightful morning. I can tell from your reviews, accolades, awards and such that you do not lack from pats on the back, but I'm going to give you another one anyway. You deserve, have earned, each scintilla of praise you receive. Not only was I impressed with your obvious talent, but also with your knowledge and study of the many interwoven aspects you cover (music, teaching, children, multiple languages and cultures, interpersonal communication) and your ability to not only know communicate eloquently and with ease on such a breadth of topics, but to embody them in the whole of your presentation. You spoke of empowering and nurturing, and this you did for everyone at every age and intellectual level which was there in attendance. You are a shining example of all you profess. It was, in short, delightful. On behalf of all those in attendance and from all six campuses my sincerest thanks.”"

Royston Thomas Associate Dean
- Special Projects Los Angeles Community Colleges /CREATE LA


Here is a wonderful compilation of Maria's best award-winning bilingual music.


Al Tambor / Play The Drum

Rocio / Dew Drop

Konex The Mayan Story of Corn

and 4 more ...visit SoundCloud at the link right below.




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