'Love in Action'

Love in Action are songs, family concerts, and films that nurture, inspire, and champion children in a troubled world. Children learn through songs and imagery, how to transform the challenges most children face today by being empowered ambassadors of goodwill.


Love in Action is a fresh new work for children created by Latin Grammy-Award-nominated family recording artist and filmmaker Maria Elizabeth Del Rey.


Love in Action articulates the architecture of social justice human rights principles through songs, concerts, and films in a non-political and non-religious manner in a way children can delight and understand.


Love in Action can inspire young children to learn the core ideas of being a global ambassador of goodwill to understand and support people that are different to them.


Love in Action invites children to think deeply and act with love to build healthy relationships with others and the world around them.

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'Love in Action' Family Fun Kit!

Sign up here for your very own complementary 'Love in Action Fun Kit' to prepare your family with the songs, art ideas, and fun activities before and after any Maria Elizabeth Del Rey concert performance event. Our club brings you valuable content to create a feel-good family connection with your children! Our kit is delivered online September 23rd, 2019 for the premier of the show. Sign up now!

"Del Rey delivers...She is a stellar talent. "

Top Ten Best Family Titles

"Maria Del Rey was a joy to have in the state of Nebraska.  She is a professional producer and vibrant personality that brought many different towns and communities together to celebrate through music and stories.  Her time in Nebraska, especially for the children she inspired, will never be forgotten.” (15-concert Nebraska state ambassadorial concert and school residency tour)."

Laura Kendall
Vice President of Programming and Education
 Omaha Performing Arts

"That was a most delightful morning. I was impressed with your obvious talent, with your knowledge and study of the many interwoven aspects that you cover (music, teaching, children, multiple languages and cultures, interpersonal communication) and your ability to not only know communicate eloquently and with ease on such a breadth of topics, but to embody them in the whole of your presentation. You spoke of empowering and nurturing, and this you did for everyone at every age and intellectual level which was there in attendance. You are a shining example of all you profess."

Royston Thomas Associate Dean
- Special Projects Los Angeles Community Colleges /CREATE LA

"Maria Del Rey is the real thing!"

Doug Adrianson
The Los Angeles Times

"Congratulations on your extraordinary achievements. Your presence in this book and your legacy as a role model for young girls will help to assure a future filled with impressive women leaders throughout the commonwealth."

Leslie Styles
Leslie Stiles, Former Director, The Pennsylvania Commission for Women 

"The performances ignited the imaginations of our students and family audiences as they traveled through Latin America with Maria and her beautiful songs, dances, and music as their guide. Our audiences were thrilled with Maria's warmth, energy, interaction, and memorable music."

Jason Holland
Vice President, Community Outreach Programs, Segerstrom Center for the Arts

"For those of us that are privileged to know a little more about her (Maria Del Rey), she is also a well-organized producing, writing, and marketing machine. Most important of all, she is a warm ray of sunshine in any room she enters."

Jim Shaw
Grammy Award Winning Music Producer Songwriter 
Buck Owens, Ringo Starr, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood

"Maria is an extraordinary multi-dimensional woman, mother, performer, chief visionary officer, and strategic planner. Maria has impressed me with her vision and actions, and I would suggest to anyone considering funding or working with Maria to move ahead. Only good can come of an association with Maria."

Jeff Hutner
New Paradigm Digest

"My daughter has had a most positive experience with the Spanish culture after seeing Maria Del Rey perform at her school. Maria Del Rey’s joy, vivacity, and personality are so refreshing to kids learning Spanish. Thank you for creating such a pleasant exposure to the Spanish culture to which any child can relate."

S. Baldwin

"Here is a music production that is truly an important work for any collector; Lullabies of Latin America by Maria Del Rey sang in both Spanish and English with 28 titles in total."

Luis Felipe Marsans 
Diario de las Americas

"Maria never hesitates to go the extra mile to please her customers and therefore I do not doubt that she will succeed in any endeavor she may embark upon."

Helga Schier Ph.D.
Executive Editor, Living Language, Random House

"Lullabies of Latin America has fast become one of our favorite titles."

New York Public Library

"Maria Del Rey underscores the notion that beautiful music knows no language barrier!"

Publishers Weekly

"Maria Del Rey’s Universe of Song - In which we find the millennium bringing us kids songs in English and Spanish as the urban dweller gets to give their kids a head start on interacting in the real world. Expertly presented by Maria Del Rey, Kids like to have fun in any language, and this is a sweet reflection of it."

Mid West Record Recap

"Maria Del Rey’s Lullabies of Latin America is a perfect beginning for a whole new generation of bilingual babies."


"Recommended as one of the top three gifts for Mother’s Day."

The Miami Herald

"Music that you and your baby will adore."

Shape Fit Pregnancy

"Lullabies of Latin America honors and celebrates the beauty and soul of the countries of Latin America. This is an enchanting assortment of music that has and will forever be the main connection through generations to come."

Latin Style Magazine

Award-Winning Family Media Since 1989

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