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ChildGood Magazine (read in 49 countries)
ChildGood Club (15 hrs of family programing Live 2019 Jan)
Bilingual Family Music (Latin Grammy Award-Nom Catalog)
Hello Amigos Season One TV Series (Children 3-6) (2019)
Family Documentary Film (Radical Bloom Fall 2019)
ChildGood Live (Performing Arts 2019-2021 Concert Tour)

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Hello, my name is Maria Elizabeth Del Rey, and I'm a family media producer. Since 1997 I have been curating a unique brand of media that marries new fresh articulation of social justice and positive psychology for the family media marketplace. Our award-winning work includes one Latin Grammy Award Nomination, 4x Parents Choice Gold and Silver Awards among many notable honors. Our creative work is original programming that is inspired and constructed from the ground up with the basis of solving social-emotional, social justice issues. We explore robust empirical studies in the field of positive psychology, to transform and create 'art' from scientific and socio-emotional data. Most work in the family parenting field, relies on only one Ph.D.'s 'opinion. Sometimes they are not right, and a large vat of media today is  using cliche, non inclusive, binary thinking with expired ideas like when the Victorians used leeches thinking it was cutting edge tech. ChildGood draws its data foundation from the latest proven empirical studies from the field of positive psychology, Harvard University and UCLA brain studies to build the type of media that supports the healthy growth of children in todays world.

We help families advance the social justice conversation throughout the globe with fresh language that articulates our modern society moving forward for our next generation of adults.

Join us as we launch a glorious new line of work for creative families.

January 15th, 2019!

Positive Family Media Matters

Our media is multi-generationally friendly. That means you, grandma, your teens and the toddlers can all enjoy our media together. Our media ranges from toddler music TV and live events, to media designed just for the parents and caregivers. 

What are we bringing you? New music, films, educational videos, and live pop up events throughout North America and Europe. We do not create dumbed down patronizing media. Our creative work is timeless across generations.


2019 Summer Tour

ChildGood Magazine

The first parenting magazine dedicated to creative professionals who are parenting children in the formative years.

Inspiring families around the world to live rich positive, meaningful lives!

The ChildGood Club is Coming Soon!

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