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Elevated career empowerment skills with a voice for social justice.


Parenting wisdom for creative professionals, to successfully raise children in the formative years.


Career reinvention and elevated communication skills to thrive in an inclusive, modern world.

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Our work in media is inspired and constructed from the ground up with integrity, and passion imbued with the love of social justice. We are part of the important social movement that gives women and families the 'voice' to emerge from the dark ages of discrimination, double standards, and oppression.

We stand for media that inspired families to begin healthy new life and family unification skills to participate in a balanced and inclusive world.

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Elevated Media for Women and Families

There has never been a better time to start your business, embark on a new career path, or follow your dreams. MDR is here to help, with courses for creative entrepreneurs who make their take that next step. Are you ready to develop formidable skills and create a meaningful, financially sustainable life? Let's get started!

Maria Del Rey's Music has won over 25 International Awards!

including a Latin Grammy Nomination and 4 Parents Choice Gold and Silver Awards and much more...

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Multimedia Events for Families

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We have created relevant, easy to learn life skills masterclasses, to parent yourself, your child and your career.

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Elevate To Communicate

I recently created 'Elevate to Communicate' after an extended period as a publisher hearing thousands of misguided, ineffective pitches. So I decided to do something about it. Yesterdays 'male-centric' communication is no longer the only way to communicate. We want to put forth a clear, precise and life-giving manner of elevating the conversation in a social justice relevant and inclusive style.

In this course, you'll learn how to deliver the perfect pitch for your product, company, or yourself. Full of tips, tools, and strategies, 'Elevate to Communicate is a bundled course that includes: Pitch Blueprint, The 10 Archetypes, and several more special communication courses. These techniques are tested and proven to give you all you need to become a master-communicator in your field.

I'm ready to elevate to communicate!

The Mystery of Archetypes Revealed!

Learn why communication works for some and not for others. In this video course, you'll learn how to identify the 10 Influential Archetypes and cater your communication to create a mutual understanding and a successful connection. You'll learn what to include, what to avoid, and gain the insight to elevate the communication with tangible results. 

Inspiring women and families around the world to live rich meaningful lives!



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