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Join Latin Grammy Award Nominated Media Producer and Publisher Maria Del Rey, as she shares her 40-years of wisdom, experience and know-how in her new series of masterclasses to get formidable skills to communicate and network your awesome product, idea or service.


Pitch Blueprint

As a Publisher, I created 'Pitch Blueprint' after hearing thousands of misguided pitches over the years. The free stuff online is regurgitated misinformation that you simply cannot afford to use. Help is on the way with Pitch Blueprint!

Learn how you can pitch like a pro

Is Networking Painful?

A lot of people get overwhelmed at the thought of sharing their ideas in networking situations. Maybe your an introverted person or feel uncomfortable breaking the ice with strangers. I am here to tell you that networking can be easy and maybe even fun. All you need is a game plan. Here are some of my favorite networking techniques.

Learn How To Work A Room

Are You Intimidated Easily?

Imagine having a better understanding of the person you are pitching to. In this course you will gain insight and the advantage to pitch in a way that is mutually meaningful and beneficial. How To Pitch The 10 Influential Archetypes can help you rise up to a new understanding of the socio-emotional side of business communication.

Learn How To Manage Influential People

Maria Del Rey's Award Winning Experience
Can Guide You To Pitch Like A Seasoned Pro!

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